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Client Merge Process Returns to Manual
Posted April 11, 2018 - 01:39 PM

Starting 4/16/18, the Client Merge function returns to a manual process. Modifications have been made to the process which dramatically reduced the performance issues of the prior manual version. This modification allows users the ability to see the results of their merge immediately upon merge completion.

Despite the performance improvements, we still suggest limiting the number of users who can access the merge function. This not only helps prevent too many users from running the function at the same time, but also helps you control the client merge process from a central position.

The automated merge process will be disabled on the same day and no longer be scheduled.

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Xenegrade News - April 2, 2018
Posted April 02, 2018 - 08:02 AM

Registration Open for Online Courses

Registration for the new online course offerings is now open! The online courses open officially April 16, but registration is available now.

The first series of online courses focus on the InSight Pro skills. A series of eight courses have been developed for InSight Pro users. When we launch the new Admin module late this year, more online courses will be added covering a wide array of topics for both new users and experienced users.

Xenegrade is excited about our new LMS system integrated with the cooperation of Digitec and their Knowledge Direct platform.

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Did You Know? Xenegrade API

Sometimes we don't toot our own horn enough. When it comes to the Xenegrade API, this may be true.

Most users are not aware that we have an API for XenDirect data. As a matter of fact, we have two. One API covers just courses and sections. This API is perfect for the organization that only desires to grab and post course information. The second API is more robust including client and registration data.

For more information and pricing, inquire via a support ticket.

InSight Essentials Tutorials

In case you missed the recent post about the free online tutorials for InSight Essential users, here is a reminder. Two new tutorials have been added to the support center that focus on the skills for InSight Essential users.

When we launch the new Admin module late this year, more online tutorials will be added to the support center covering a wide array of topics for both new users and experienced users.

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InSight Tip: Let Reports Load Before Filters

InSight report load times vary based on the underlying data. Some reports, like rosters, may take a few seconds longer than others. It is best to wait until the report is fully loaded until you start to select filter values.

Under the current design, the original report load process is not fully done if you initiate a new filter before the load is completed. This could result in the display of the original data before your new filter, but you are expecting different results. This design is being reviewed for a possible change to prevent this dual and possibly conflicting filtering issue. Meanwhile, just wait until you see data displayed in the report before starting your filter.

Thank You for Survey Responses

Xenegrade appreciates all the responses and input regarding our recent satisfaction survey. We are reviewing the results and compiling the data.

From the many narrative comments, we have learned a few things. Soon after we complete our review of the survey, we will make plans to take a look at some of the issues identified.

Meanwhile, thank you for all the great replies and support, including those that will take some introspection.

Monitoring Integrated Facebook Comments

If enabled, a Facebook Comments section can display on all Course Detail pages within the WebReg module in the upper right corner.  This feature allows a client to view comments by other Facebook users as well as add their own personal comment. It is good practice to read these posts whenever possible and reply, if necessary.

However, when do you know these comments are entered? That function resides within Facebook, not XenDirect.

To receive notifications when a comment is posted, you must set Moderator rules in your Facebook page for the Comments Plug-in.

Updates Posts Within XenDirect

Some users may not remember. New users may not know. But in the XenDirect menu header there is an Updates link available to all users. This link directs the user to a page dedicated to displaying updates to the XenDirect application and all the modules.

New features, bug fixes, and other related pertinent information are posted here for a quick and easy way for users to view updates.

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Xenegrade Announces New Online Training Center
Posted March 19, 2018 - 02:48 PM
The new Xenegrade Online Training Center will officially open April 16!!!  We can hardly hold back our excitement after many months of hard work and effort, the reality of the Online Training Center is almost here.

By the first week of April, we will announce the first available courses, display descriptions, post fees, and open the registration process.  The initial courses all focus on InSight Pro.  This series of eight courses cover the core InSight Pro skills all the way through the advanced form design features.

But before then, would you like to take a test drive?

Here are two free courses available right now.  There is no need to register, and there is no login required.  We have bypassed the registration and login process for these two free courses.  Both courses will give you an excellent overview of how the new online courses will function.  Plus, the content of these two free courses focuses on InSight Essential skills, so they contain valuable content for current users.  We are sure all XenDirect users may find something to discover.

InSight - Essentials
  • Covers the basics about opening, printing, and exporting InSight reports.
InSight - Quick Edit
  • Provides details on how to use the InSight Quick Edit feature to add filters to any report.
These two courses are also linked into the Support Center InSight Help articles in a new category called InSight Online Tutorials. These are examples of what is to come as the Support Center Knowledgebase is upgraded later this year with the release of the new Admin module.

As always, we appreciate your support
, and thank you for your patience as the Online Training Center was developed.  We believe you will find that the future of Xenegrade Training is designed to meet your needs in a whole new way.

P.S. We almost forgot to tell you.  These courses are fully responsive on multiple platforms!  Check them out on a tablet or mobile phone, and see the results for yourself.

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