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InSight Updates at Week 1
Posted January 15, 2017 - 01:04 PM

Not even one full week has passed since InSight was launched and already over 2000 reports have been run.  By far, dashboards are the most commonly run reports.  And for the first week, the number of reported issues is astonishingly low.  The launch was not flawless, but the outcomes for the first week are exciting.  To be off to such a good start provides us the evidence we hoped we would find that our efforts for almost one year have paid off.

Here are a few notes, recommendations, and updates for InSight as week two is about to take place.

  • Reports List:  If you have not discovered the Reports List report yet, the effort is worth a few moments review. Under the Action category, check out the Reports List report.  This report is a list of all the reports contained in InSight.  Where it exists, a link is displayed to the Support Center knowledgebase for more information about the report.
  • Report Crosswalk:  In the same Action category is a report called Report Crosswalk.  This report provides a crosswalk reference from the prior reports to the InSight reports.  This guide helps locate the InSight report most closely related to the prior reporting feature.  Although a few reports have yet to be completed, the majority available of prior reports have been completed and deployed.
  • New Reports:  In addition to replicating prior reports, InSight also has numerous new reports such as Fee Group and Member reports.  Over time you can expect that more reports and dashboards will be added.
  • Data Dictionary: The Data Dictionary has been updated to include all the tables and fields used in InSight and makes for a great table and field reference.  Adding a field to a filter that you are not quite sure what it is?  Check out the Data Dictionary.  See a derived field and not sure how it was calculated?  Check out the Data Dictionary.  (If the Data Dictionary menu option does not display, please see your system administrator to assign permission for this menu option.)
  • Knowledgebase: There are still a few Support Center knowledgebase articles to be written and we hope that those are completed this week.
  • Menu Loading Slow:  Some customers have experienced slowness when loading the InSight menu.  We are continuing to work on the issue and hope to make some headway soon

Thank you for your patience as InSight continues through the phases of deployment.  We appreciate your input and support.

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InSight Launch Date Set
Posted January 04, 2017 - 08:16 AM

Update 1/10/17 5:45 AM EST:
InSight has been deployed and enabled on all sites. InSight IS HERE!

Update 1/9/17 11:30 AM EST:

There has been a delay today in deploying InSight.  Several test sites were deployed over the weekend before the final deployment and a few issues were discovered that are being corrected now.  We hope the deployment will still occur before the end of today.

The countdown started and the launch date for InSight is just around the corner.  On Monday, January 9, users will see the new option for InSight display in the XenDirect menu.

When InSight launches, it will be in BETA mode for the first few months
. That doesn't mean that InSight isn't functional.  It only means that we want users to make sure they check reports for accuracy or compare to a prior version report before making important decisions based on an InSight report.

Additionally, initial access will be limited to the Essentials level.  Pro and Elite access will be available starting in February after the first few weeks has past and any initial issues are resolved.

Meanwhile, users can read more about InSight from the new Support Center knowledgebase articles.  Some of those articles may display "under development", but are being written as this news article is being posted.  The majority of those pages should be completed by the end of this week. Here are some key pages to read:
One of the tasks your system administrator may want to complete prior to the launch date is to assign report permissions. When InSight is launched, users do not have permissions for InSight reports by default.  Those permissions must be set.  However, access to the report permissions is already available, so your system administrator can assign those permissions now.  Then when users log in on Monday morning and navigate to the InSight menu, the reports users have permissions for will display.

We are excited that we are finally able to go live with InSight.  Change is never easy, but InSight adds more potential to XenDirect than just about any feature we have added over the past decade and gives more reporting power to users than they have ever had.

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This Week at Xenegrade - December 12-18, 2016
Posted December 14, 2016 - 12:41 PM

2017 User Conference Registration Open

Registration is now open for the 2017 Xenegrade User Conference!

To be held in Tampa, Florida, on April 27-28, the 2017 Xenegrade User Conference will focus almost entirely on the new InSight reporting feature.  Participants that will benefit the most from this conference will be those who have Pro or Elite level licenses for the InSight reporting feature.  However, Essential users that would like to experience Pro/Elite skills before making the decision to upgrade will find the user conference valuable in making that decision.  There is a full conference outline available online.


New Contracts Feature Coming in January

The new Contracts feature for XenDirect becomes available in January 2017!  This optional plug-in feature is often requested by organizations that offer workforce development and contract training. 

With the ability to record opportunities, proposals, and contracts, this flexible feature links with merge templates for printing user defined contract reports.

For more details, review the draft support page for this exciting new option.

Sample InSight Report List Announcement

With only a few weeks before launch, here is a sampling list of the reports available with the new InSight reporting system. But even more reports are being added as we publish this news!

Almost every report that existed prior to InSight will be available.  You can see that most of them are already there plus even more than before.

User Defined Billing Terms Feature Added

Billing terms is now a feature in XenDirect. This user defined list can be linked to a client invoice.  And if you upgrade to the new Contracts feature, billing terms is also linked to contracts.   

Although the new feature is available, the field will not display in a report until the new InSight reporting feature is available. 

When deployed, we set some initial common terms for you.  However, you can remove those or add to them as you need to.  Read more...

Xenegrade 2016 Holiday Schedule

Here we are at that busy time of year again when family and friends gather together to celebrate several holidays back to back.  So that Xenegrade staff can spend that time with their families and friends, we will be closed the following days.

Christmas: December 23-26
New Year: December 30-January 2

As always, support staff will monitor the online ticket system in case of an emergency. If an emergency exists that must be resolved before the office re-opens, please submit a support ticket with the priority set to [Emergency].

On behalf of all of us at Xenegrade, have a safe and happy holiday season.


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